stdf_file Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The main STDF file structure.

dump_records_to_ascii.c, dump_records_to_html.c, example.c, is_valid_stdf.c, record_stats.c, and stdf2xtdf.c.

Data Fields

rec_header header
int fd
union {
   uintptr_t   padding [4]
stdf_format file_format
char * filename
__stdf_fops * fops
int byte_order
uint32_t opts
dtc_U1 ver
byte_t * __data
byte_t * rec_pos
byte_t * rec_end
byte_t * __output
byte_t * _write_pos
dtc_U2 _write_chunk_size

Field Documentation

int stdf_file::byte_order

Byte order of the file

int stdf_file::fd

Actual file descriptor for the backing file

stdf_format stdf_file::file_format

Compressed file format

char* stdf_file::filename

Filename that was given to stdf_open()

__stdf_fops* stdf_file::fops

Virtual file i/o functions to hide compression details

rec_header stdf_file::header

A processed version of the last record read

uint32_t stdf_file::opts

Misc options to control libstdf behavior

dtc_U1 stdf_file::ver

Spec version of the file

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