libstdf.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of all the public libstdf functions.


int stdf_set_setting (stdf_file *f, uint32_t option,...)
void stdf_get_setting (stdf_file *f, uint32_t option,...)
stdf_filestdf_open_ex (char *pathname, uint32_t opts,...)
stdf_filestdf_open (char *pathname)
stdf_filestdf_dopen (int fd)
stdf_filestdf_dopen_ex (int fd, uint32_t opts,...)
int stdf_close (stdf_file *file)
rec_unknownstdf_read_record_raw (stdf_file *file)
rec_unknownstdf_parse_raw_record (rec_unknown *raw_rec)
rec_unknownstdf_read_record (stdf_file *file)
ssize_t stdf_write_record (stdf_file *file, void *rec_void)

Function Documentation

int stdf_close stdf_file  ) 

Close an open file

stdf_file* stdf_dopen int   ) 

Open a file descriptor with default options

stdf_file* stdf_dopen_ex int  ,
uint32_t  ,

Open a file descriptor with custom options

stdf_file* stdf_open char *   ) 

Open a file with default options

stdf_file* stdf_open_ex char *  ,
uint32_t  ,

Open a file with custom options

rec_unknown* stdf_parse_raw_record rec_unknown  ) 

Parse a previously read record

rec_unknown* stdf_read_record stdf_file  ) 

Read in the next record and parse it

rec_unknown* stdf_read_record_raw stdf_file  ) 

Read in the next record raw

ssize_t stdf_write_record stdf_file ,
void * 

Write out a record

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