libstdf File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
dtc.cData type specific function implementations
dtc.h [code]Data type specific function prototypes
err.cPublic error messages
libstdf.cImplementation of all the public libstdf functions
libstdf.h [code]Top level include and the main stdf structure definition
libstdf_bswap.h [code]Byte swapping functions
libstdf_const.h [code]Constants for specific records/members
libstdf_funcs.h [code]Publicly exported functions
libstdf_internal.h [code]All the fun internal details no one needs to know about
libstdf_types.h [code]Public types
libstdf_win32.h [code]Win32 specific definitions
libstdf_win32_options.h [code]Enable/Disable libstdf features
lzw.h [code]LZW header file
rec.cRecord specific function implementations
rec.h [code]Record specific function prototypes

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