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Free STDF Resources : : libstdf

The FreeSTDF project is about providing open source (free) resources for people out there who wish to manipulate the Standard Test Data Format (STDF). STDF is just the beginning; other industry standards that lack free resources could also be provided for someday :).

STDF is often used in data collection programs in the semiconductor industry. While there may be a bunch of companies out there to help read this format ( DSO, Galaxy, PDF Solutions, Salland Engineering, Soto Technologies, Syntricity, yieldWerx ), they of course are all commerical based and thus provide nothing without a little cash incentive ;).

When I set out to provide a few STDF utilities to replace some aging UNIX packages (going from a very slow central server to a desktop package), I looked for some open source software to help jump start my work. Finding none, I knew that I would have to start from scratch and that was going to suck a lot. That's when I swore to start my own open source project some day and take the first steps for STDF just in case someone out there someday who was in a similar situation would not be forced to reinvent the wheel.

Love for open source software is the only motivation I need. What do you need ?

Oh, and btw, libstdf is released under the BSD license.


I've released version 0.4 of libstdf. This release contains some more bugfixes and a demo of the new record writing functionality.

Current problems I forsee involve reading the record type PLR with STDFv4. Also, STDFv3 is pretty much untested; support has been added only per spec. The writing support is just a feature preview; not all record types are implemented yet.

The TODO list is growing ! Feel free to help tackle it and add your own suggestions via the mailing list (see the Contact section).

Download 0.4 0.4
  • Initial partial support for writing STDF files
  • Add support for reading LZW compressed files (.Z)
  • Verify and fix MPR/FTR record reading (just PLR left to test)
  • Support for random memory debug packages
  • New example for translating files into a jpeg
  • Hide implementation details to improve ABI compat
  • Hide internal symbols on ELF systems to improve speed/size
Download 0.3.1 0.3.1
  • Plug some memory leaks
  • Check for more headers (to cover platforms like Solaris)
  • Detect endian type by checking more define's
Download 0.3 0.3
  • Add support for reading compressed files (zip/gzip/bzip2)
  • Add a makefile for building in win32
  • More documentation
Download 0.2 0.2
  • Proper usage of autotools for portability
  • Shared + static library building
  • Microsoft Win32 workspace for generating a DLL
  • Record buffering so that the filesystem doesn't get thrashed and everything runs a lot faster
  • STDFv3 support
  • Tested the crazy data types xU1, xU2, and xR4 and the crazy GDR record
  • More example applications to help you debug your own code
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes!
Download 0.1 0.1
  • Proof of concept (I'm not just all talk! :D)

So far I've managed to obtain the specifications for the STDFv4, ATDF, and the SEMF formats. If anyone out there has documents relating to other specifications, please send them my way. My current wish list comprises of just the STDFv3 format. Just because I don't know of other formats doesn't mean I don't want to support them :).


Please use the mailing list to contact us:
FreeSTDF Development List
Mailing List Archives/Signup/etc...

Mike Frysinger


If you require additional functionality, feel free to make requests on the mailing list. If you require a more timely reponse than 'whenever I get around to it', I'm open to doing small contract work. All modifications to existing codebases must be released under the existing licenses though, and this is non-negotiable.